2017 Candelo Village Festival Line-Up...
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Vince Jones

Australia’s leading jazz vocalist, Vince Jones, is also a remarkable interpreter and composer of songs in a contemporary jazz style – a style that appeals equally to listeners and his musical peers. As a vocalist he resists showing off technique to the detriment of feel – he’s confident in his musical literacy and sings like there’s nothing to prove. It’s a refreshing approach that gives us, the audience, the chance to be really moved. Vince Jones also plays trumpet and over the years his style has developed a distinctive reserve and subtlety – he plays a little less and draws a good deal more from it than he did in earlier days. A brief, thoughtful solo from Vince is worth a hundred notes played with less discretion. Read more here >


PHENO pronounced fee-no, is electric guitarist/vocalist Jess Green’s new project and stage name, and under it she is pioneering her own style of pop; Afro-Sci.

She brings 21st century science to the wild rhythms of Afro beat, Indie rock and Jazz. Jess was based in Sydney for 12 years, performing with The catholics, Jim Conway, The 10 Guitar project, Gary Daley, and her own bands as well as touring nationally and internationally for the dance show Am I. She has recently re-located back to her home town of Canberra and continues to tour from there.

As PHENO Jess has created a new sonic world to live in, her music layers shimmering electric guitar, electro synths and beats with a stomping backbeat and powerful vocals. Read more here >

Bobby Singh, Sandy Evans, Brett Hirst, & Greg Sheehan present 'KAPTURE'

In this special concert one of Australia’s leading Indian musicians, tabla player Bobby Singh, joins Sandy Evans, Brett Hirst and special guest drummer Greg Sheehan in a thrilling musical dialogue. Their soulful melodies, breathtaking improvisations, hypnotic grooves and stunning percussion solos celebrate the fusion of jazz and Indian music in a unique and sublime way. Kapture is a tribute to Ahmed Kathrada a South African anti-apartheid activist who was imprisoned with Nelson Mandela for 26 years.

Saturday Afternoon Concert - Take a trip around the world - together with 'Black Mountain String Band'
Doors Open and Bobby Roger Bar Supper -12noon
Show- 12:30-3:30pm with Intermission

Liz Stringer

All The Bridges is everything fans have come to rely on from a Liz Stringer album, and more. With the addition of an almost 80s inspired urgency (Divinyls, The Pretenders) to her trademark brand of emotive folk/rock, All The Bridges is a charged and moving dissection of shared emotional landscapes, told through a collection of stories from a variety of perspectives; Stringer’s proven strength as a songwriter and storyteller. Read more here >

Sunday Afternoon show, following Tate Sheridan
Doors Open and Bobby Roger Bar Supper - 1pm
Show- 2-5pm with Intermission

Tate Sheridan

Pianist, singer/songwriter Tate Sheridan was awarded the 2014 ACT Critics Circle Artist of the year for his dedication to jazz and pop music. With the release of his debut EP 'Life was Lonely', Tate was personally asked by Sir Elton John to be his opening act on a stadium tour of Australia/NZ. Tate played to thousands of people and is the only support act in history to play Elton John's piano in the 50 years of him touring. Elton has expressed a keen interest in the young artist and has been promoting Tate's EP overseas. This very special show will see Tate perform an exciting blend of folk and pop. Tate Sheridan has always been a name to watch and is playing with a maturity well beyond his years. This will be a truly memorable moment spent with one of Australia's rising stars! Read more here >

Sunday Afternoon show - followed by Liz Stringer
Doors Open and Bobby Roger Bar Supper - 1pm
Show- 2-5pm with Intermission

Black Mountain String Band

Black Mountain String Band is a fantastic celebration of old time string band music: where twin fiddles and voices harmonise with the infectious rhythms of claw hammer banjo, guitar and double bass. This superb group of well-known Canberra musicians gather around a single mic and share tunes and songs that draw from the well of old time tradition, and the inspiration of original material. Black Mountain String Band is Donal Baylor, Jacqueline Bradley, Matt Nightingale and Pablo Shopen, who are reviving Pablo’s father’s band from the 1970’s.

Saturday Afternoon Concert - Take a trip around the world - together with 'Kapture'
Doors Open and Bobby Roger Bar Supper -12noon
Show- 12:30-3:30pm with Intermission

Festival Closing Party

The Northern Folk have rapidly taken the country by storm with their infectious energy and charismatic delivery of folk/pop/stomp/rock. Hailing from Albury NSW, The Northern folk are a collective of eleven musical ambitionists with an age averaging 22. Expect Soaring saxes, roaring brass, bashful bass, massive vocals, with eight part harmonies in tow. The Folk write in a range of moods, from atmospheric ballads to big band boot stompers, harkening to the style of The Cat Empire, Saskwatch and Of Monsters and Men. They were a hit at Cobargo Folk Festival and will be the host band of the Candelo Village Festival closing party on Sunday evening.

Sunday Evening
Doors Open and BRB Supper - 5:30pm
Show- 6pm-8pm with Intermission

More Musical Acts to be announced...

Holly Throsby presents 'Goodwood'

Rich in character and complexity, GOODWOOD is a compelling ride into a small community torn apart by dark rumour and mystery.

“It wasn’t just one person who went missing, it was two people. Two very different people. They were there, and then they were gone, as if through a crack in the sky. After that, in a small town like Goodwood, where we had what Nan called ‘a high density of acquaintanceship’, everything stopped. Or at least it felt that way. The normal feeling of things stopped.”

Goodwood is a town where everyone knows everything about everyone. It’s a place where it’s impossible to keep a secret.

In 1992 when Jean Brown is seventeen, a terrible thing happens. Two terrible things. Rosie White, the coolest girl in town, vanishes overnight. One week later, Goodwood’s most popular resident, Bart MacDonald, sets off on a fishing trip and never comes back. In Goodwood, people don’t just disappear...

As the intensity of speculation heightens, mystery, fear and suspicion grips the town. Jean, who is keeping secrets of her own, and the rest of Goodwood, are left reeling.

“There is just so much heart in this novel,” says publisher Annette Barlow. “Holly’s humour is tender and even as the plot grows darker the writing shines with a warm intelligence, understanding and affection for our human frailties.”

About the author

Holly Throsby is a Sydney-based songwriter and musician. She has released five solo albums and a children’s album called See! Holly has been nominated for four ARIA Awards--two for Best Female Artist, one for Best Children’s Album, and one as part of Seeker Lover Keeper, her band with Sally Seltmann and Sarah Blasko. Holly has a distinctive lyric and a distinctive voice and has brought both to GOODWOOD, her first novel, to create something truly special.

Saturday ‘Goodwood:  Holly Throsby in conversation’ (4-5pm) - Candelo Town Hall

Alisa Wild

Squishy Taylor shares her mystery-solving escapades with her bonus sisters - and has a slightly ridiculous name. Ailsa will introduce Squishy and how she came into existence and then, as a group we will make up some ridiculous names of our own. Who knows, by the end of an hour, we might have written a story!

Ailsa Wild grew up in Candelo and did a stint as an acrobat and whip-cracker before she ran away from the circus to become a writer. The first six books in her Squishy Taylor series (for 6-9 y/o) were released to much excitement in 2016. Squishy Taylor (real name Sita) is a ninja-daredevil and a mystery-solver who launches into all kinds of adventures with her bonus sisters. Word on the street is that kids are staying up too late reading the Squishy books – and that the series has a few more to come! Ailsa also collaborates with Small Friends Books to create award-winning science-adventure stories with artists and scientists. Her memoir pieces have appeared in Meanjin and the Monthly and her plays have been performed in the Sydney Children’s Festival, at La Mama for Kids and in small country towns around Australia. Ailsa loves collaborating with kids to write stories together.

Ailsa Wild in conversation (Saturday 11:30-12noon) Fringe ticket holders and workshop participants


John Blay

John Blay is a writer, naturalist and walker. He has written extensively about the bush and its people in poetry, drama and prose. Since 1970 the south east forests of NSW have been the main focus of his work, often in association with the local Aboriginal communities.

Since 2001, he has researched the Bundian Way, an ancient Aboriginal pathway, in association with local Aboriginal communities and as the Bundian Way Project Officer for Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council. His researches and bushwalks while investigating this traditional route resulted in its official recognition and NSW Heritage listing in 2012. He is an acknowledged authority on the landscapes and history of south-eastern Australia. His understanding "of the varying country" of the shared history Heritage pathway between the highest part of the Australian continent and the coast is demonstrated in his book, On Track: Searching out the Bundian Way.

Sunday Forum
The Future – The Bundian Way and Other Historical places of the South East region John Blay and Mark McKenna (11am – 12midday)

Mark McKenna[1].jpg

Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is one of Australia's leading historians. A Professor of History at the University of Sydney, his books have won several national awards while his essays and commentary appear regularly in The Monthly, ABR and The Australian. His most recent book is From the Edge: Australia's Lost Histories (MUP 2016)

Sunday Forum
The Future – The Bundian Way and Other Historical places of the South East region John Blay and Mark McKenna (11am – 12midday)